Quest: One of the Undaunted
Quest giver: Turuk Redclaws
Level: 12
Location: Salt Wings Tavern in Vulkhel Guard
  • 146 gold,
  • Undaunted skill line
  • XP Gain: 816
Note: This quest leads you to Group Dungeon: Banished Cells in the north of Auridon by Castle Rilis. There are level 15 mobs around the area.
Video Guide: Click here


  • Talk to Mighty Mordra
  • Enter Spindleclutch
  • Talk to Mighty Mordra in Daggerfall
  • Become Initiated
  • Talk to Kailstig the Axe
  • Talk to Turuk Redclaws
  • Enter the Banished Cells
  • Talk to Turuk Redclaws in Auridon
  • Be Initiated
  • Enter Fungal Grotto
  • Talk to Kailstig the Axe in Stonefalls
  • Watch Initiation

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