Kyne's Wind Set is a Set in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is a Trial Sets that is part of Greymoor Expansion, and has 5 bonuses.

Light Armor

Bind on Pickup

Kyne's Wind Set
set line

LEVEL 50  champion CHAMPION 160

(2 items) Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
(3 items) Gain Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage taken from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%
(4 items) Adds 4Healing done
(5 items) Casting an ability or drinking a potion that applies a Major Buff on yourself or an ally creates a pool of Kyne's Blessing for 4 seconds. You and allies standing in Kyne's Blessing restore 420 Stamina and Magicka every 1 second. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.
(5 items) (Perfected) Adds 129 Magicka Recovery



Kyne's Wind Set Information



How to Get Kyne's Wind Set



Kyne's Wind Set Notes & Tips

Once the set piece is in your Collections, you can create an account-bound piece of the set using Transmute Crystals.



Kyne's Wind Set Pieces

The set consists of light armor and jewelry in all slots, as well as weapons and shields of all types.




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