Quest Name Obtained Reward
Storm on the Horizon in Eagle's Strand Razum-dar in Eagle's Strand;
Captain Tremouille in Vulkhel Guard;
Zaeri at Shattered Shoals or Temple of the Mourning Springs;
To My Friend From the Beach
Gold Fleet's Beacon
High Leveled Gold
Tears of the Two Moons From Gathwen, West of Temple of the Mourning Springs Gold Fleet’s Beacon, 70 gold
Mourning Bow, 112 gold
Cast Adrift (Investigate Shattered Shoals) From Sergeant Firion, in Shattered Shoals Broadhead Shield, 170 gold
Dark Knowledge From Cartirinque Southwest of Khenarthi's Roost Wayshrine Inducer’s Scalpel, 56 gold
Moon-Sugar Medicament Note inside pirate's camp, North of Laughing Moons Plantation Hazak’s Hauberk, 70 gold
The Root of the Problem Spinner Benieth in Windcatcher Plantation Rootsplitter, 28 gold
The Family Business Officer Lorin in Speckled Shell Plantation Sugar Jacket, 70 gold
A Pinch of Sugar Juranda-ra in Laughing Moons Plantation Ratsplatter, 56 gold
The Perils of Diplomacy Razum-dar (after completing Storm on the Horizon) in Mistral Queen’s Own Cuirass, 170 gold
The Tempest Unleashed Zaeri (after completing The Perils of Diplomacy) in Mistral Storm-Slave’s Razor, 116 gold
To Auridon Razum-dar (after completing The Tempest Unleashed) in Mistral Cat Eye's Quay 46 gold

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