Journal of a Stranded Mage

Journal of a Stranded Mage
Collection Clockwork Mnemonix
Author Orinol, Mage of Cormount

Journal of a Stranded Mage is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Clockwork Mnemonix


Where to find Journal of a Stranded Mage

      • West of The Shadow Cleft, on a cliff near the road



Journal of a Stranded Mage Content

You know what I miss most? No, it's not food, though eating the bland gruel given out here has become torturous at best. And no, it's not the smell of the Green, though it seems like the stench of metal fills me to the brim. And no, it's not safety, because if Grahtwood has taught me anything, it's to fear danger at every turn. You know what I miss the most? My dog. Jona's a lovely creature, she is. Shaggy gray coat, bright pink tongue. Her eyes look like two stars, golden and shining. I miss her wagging tail, always there to meet me when I came home. Her love of fetching sticks in the meadows. Y'ffre's name, curse it all, I even miss her barking in the middle of the night. I'm sorry I ever cursed her for it, because I know she was just doing her best to be a good dog. Perhaps I'm pathetic for admitting it, but I'll be damned if it's not true. But even though I miss Jona, I still wouldn't wish this life on her. In fact, I'm sure she would have been eaten by now if she did end up here with me. Either that, or killed by one of the monstrous constructs around here. All it took was one foggy night of too much Sun's Dusk Ale. Mother always told me I was too much a fool to have magic, and I'll be damned, she was right. I must have used that portal spell near a hundred times before, and all it took was some slurring of the Ehlnofex, perhaps a switched up syllable or two. And here I am, lonely and bitter, wasting my time writing about my damn dog. I just hope she's being taken care of. My cousin Brelenel would check on her when I traveled, but Jona needs a proper home and a kind hand. I can hardly believe I'm more worried about her than myself! Me, well, I can look after my own arse. Who's going to look after hers?


Clockwork Mnemonix
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