Jester's Festival Invitation Scroll is a special Quest item in Elder Scrolls Online


Where to Find Jester's Festival Invitation Scroll

Acquired for free from the Crown Store during the Jester's Festival celebration during the springtime. (March 23rd - April 4th)


How to Use

Found under your Supplies, select Use to begin a Holiday Event quest: The Jester's Festival

"By decree of your most majestic majesties, from the depths of their magnificent magnanimity, today begins a rule of foolishness and frivolities!

Abolished are concerns of toil, tax and responsibility, for this silly season of winsome glee!"

"Show your appreciation or your arse to our generous rulers as they regale their subjects with their regality. Pranks, performances and potables on offer in Daggerfall, Ebonheart and Vulkhel Guard. Come one, come all, to the Festival of Fools!"


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