Ithis Omalor's Orders

Ithis Omalor's Orders
Collection Criminal Correspondence
Author Magistrix Vox

Ithis Omalor's Orders is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Criminal Correspondence


Where to find Ithis Omalor's Orders

      • Mzithumz



Ithis Omalor's Orders Content

Omalor, No doubt you've heard by now that I've been driven from Mournhold. You may be questioning your duties or reexamining your loyalties. I don't begrudge you some skepticism. We must all continue to question those with power over us. However, know that the mission continues and I need you now more than ever. The messenger who brought you this letter also carries a package. The package contains a relic of Dwarven origin. It will allow you to temporarily control the constructs that roam the Mzithumz ruins. The dangerous spheres and spiders will follow your commands for a brief time. In and around Narsis, the plague spreads. We labor in the shadows of the Obsidian Gorge, and it is vital that no one accidently [sic] blunders into our workshops. Single travelers do not concern me, but a large group, like a caravan, may try to camp near the caves. A House Hlaalu caravan departs from Mournhold to provide aid to Narsis. They cannot be allowed to reach their destination. Take some House Dres warriors, the most amoral and expendable thugs you can find. Make sure they won't hesitate to cut down another Dunmer. Pay them to keep their mouths shut, whatever it takes. Use the raiders and the constructs from Mzithumz to overpower the Hlaalu caravan. [sic]When victory is assured, turn the constructs on the Dres warriors and make your escape in the chaos. The cost will be high, but the time it will buy us is crucial. We are close to a breakthrough. Do not seek me out when you have completed your task. I will find you. — V


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