Ironthread is a material used for Clothier in The Elder Scrolls Online. Like all ores/woods/etc, it must be found in the field, or obtained from Hirelings, Writs rewards.


Usage   Used to make Ironthread Armor
(Light Armor Champion 40-60)


Ironthread Uses



  • Can be sold to vendors for 400 gold (per stack)


In-Game appearance


Clothier Processed Materials
Ancestor Silk  ♦  Cotton  ♦  Daedric Skin  ♦  Ebonthread  ♦  Flax  ♦  Harvester Silk  ♦  Hide  ♦  Jute  ♦  Kresh Fiber  ♦  Leather  ♦  Rawhide  ♦  Rubedo Leather  ♦  Shadowhide  ♦  Silverweave  ♦  Spidersilk  ♦  Superb Hide  ♦  Topgrain hide  ♦  Void Cloth

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      I am pretty sure but don't quote me on it that you look for ironweed. anyways I am currently testing the best zones to find it in at the moment ive found wrothgar has a good amount but cant find it as often as I would like too. 9if you come up with anything let me know please via psn gamertag TheDevilWithin19

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