In Praise of Regent Cassipia

In Praise of Regent Cassipia
Collection Craglorn Secrets
Author Little Leaf, Seneschal to the Regent of Serpentine Stratagems

In Praise of Regent Cassipia is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Craglorn Secrets


Where to find In Praise of Regent Cassipia

      • Dragonstar
      • Northeast of Valley of Scars Wayshrine, on a rock near the road



In Praise of Regent Cassipia Content

To some of my compatriots, the words I'm about to write might be considered in poor taste. To others, they will be nothing short of blasphemy. But I can't hold these thoughts to myself any longer. If I try, I fear my head will explode into a thousand pieces! And that, dear reader, is not something I wish to experience. First, I should tell you who I am and why I'm qualified to write about the virtues of the beautiful Cassipia—she who is called the Regent of Serpentine Stratagems and leader of the Scaled Court's forces in Upper Craglorn. My name is Little Leaf, and I have served my mistress since before we joined the Scaled Court. I met Cassipia in Auridon, where she was a high-ranking member of the Mages Guild. She noticed me admiring her power and grace from afar, and she personally selected me to wait upon her every need. Since then, I have become her confidant and confessor, giving her a sounding board for her most intimate thoughts and musings. No one knows Cassipia better than I do, or believes in her the way I do—with all my heart and soul. How can I say such things when the Serpent is our lord and master? Oh, I believe in and revere the Serpent. I really do! He's the reason we joined the Scaled Court in the first place. But the Serpent doesn't command the Scaled Court from moment to moment. He isn't right beside me day and night. And, if I may be so bold, he isn't anywhere near as fair of face and fine of form as my beloved Cassipia. Who did as the Serpent asked and brought the Iron Orcs into our fold? Cassipia, of course. She follows the Serpent's orders, but always looks for ways to create opportunities and good fortune for herself and her followers. But before you think me just an infatuated fool with her head in the clouds, let me tell you why Cassipia has risen so high within our ranks. Cassipia is ruthless. She's powerful and charismatic. And she knows what's best for the Scaled Court—not like those bumbling fools that brought us the unfortunate setbacks we've suffered in Lower Craglorn! Regent Cassipia was busy in Upper Craglorn while the Serpent's select were losing their hold on the lower portion of the region. So, all praise Regent Cassipia! Long may she serve the Serpent and lead the Scaled Court!


Craglorn Secrets
A Citizen's Petition  ♦  A Merchant's Orders to His Guards  ♦  A Prayer to the Serpent  ♦  A Recipe of Surpassing Danger  ♦  A Rumor of Serpents  ♦  A Star Walks In Craglorn  ♦  A Star-Gazer's Ramblings  ♦  A Werewolf Hunter's Advice  ♦  Agganor's Journal  ♦  Aldmeri Court Transcript  ♦  Alvada's Journal  ♦  An Amazing Opportunity  ♦  Ballad of Dorzogg the Gutter-King  ♦  Blackcaster Notice  ♦  Blasius' Unfinished Manuscript  ♦  Blood for Our Enemies  ♦  Blood-Feathers Battle Slogans  ♦  Caecilius' Journal  ♦  Cassipia's Change of Heart  ♦  Castles and Coffers Volume III: Hel Ra Citadel  ♦  Challenge the Arena  ♦  Chiselshriek Foreman's Log  ♦  Closed Until Further Notice  ♦  Covenant Intelligence Report 2,502  ♦  Daggerfall Covenant Missive  ♦  Dawn of the Exalted Viper Book  ♦  Dead Sword-Disciple's Note  ♦  Defaced Mages Guild Reward Notice  ♦  Defaced Nedic Prayer Book  ♦  Dragon Priest—Arise!  ♦  Dragonstar Arena Guest Book  ♦  Elenaire's Journal  ♦  Exarch's Orders  ♦  Final Thoughts  ♦  Five Claws Battle Cries  ♦  Frederick's Letter  ♦  From Regent of Serpentine Stratagems  ♦  From the Regent of Fanged Fury  ♦  Glorious Balamath  ♦  Grazzar's Threat  ♦  How the Yokudans Chased the Stars  ♦  Ibrula's Journal  ♦  Ilthag's Orders  ♦  Intercepted Star-Gazer's Document  ♦  It Lives!  ♦  Join Dragonstar Caravan Company!  ♦  Lamias of Craglorn  ♦  Lanista's Journal  ♦  Letter to Amirmil  ♦  Letter to Ariana  ♦  Letter to Armorer Uthik  ♦  Letter to Dusandar  ♦  Letter to Elanwen  ♦  Letter to Exarch Braadoth  ♦  Letter to Isrudde  ♦  Letter to Runescriber Kulth  ♦  Letter to Windhelm  ♦  Life In the Scaled Court  ♦  Merchants, Scoundrels, Thieves  ♦  Mystic Visions of the Guardians  ♦  Nedes of the Deathlands  ♦  Nirncrux: A Study  ♦  Orcs of Tamriel, Volume 3  ♦  Orders from Regent Elska  ♦  Origin of the Scaled Court  ♦  Phillip's Note to Yasmine  ♦  Sanavar's Research Notes  ♦  Saradin's Diary  ♦  Scaled Court Communique  ♦  Scorpion Observations  ♦  Selene's Letter  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume Five  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume Four  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume One  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume Six  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume Three  ♦  Skyreach Explorer, Volume Two  ♦  Smuggler's Note  ♦  Star-Gazer Merith's Journal  ♦  Strange Riddle  ♦  Tales of Abba Arl: The Fat Mother  ♦  Tales of Abba Arl: The Ox's Tale  ♦  Targa's Note  ♦  The Care and Feeding of Trolls  ♦  The Flourishing of Elinhir  ♦  The Hidden Trials  ♦  The Perfection of Fearfangs Cavern  ♦  The Serpent's Blade  ♦  The Serpent's Song  ♦  The Stars Have Eyes  ♦  The Trial of Air  ♦  The Trial of Fire  ♦  The Trial of Martial Knowledge  ♦  The Trial of the Arena  ♦  The Trial of the True Path  ♦  The Unearthing of Kardala  ♦  The Way of the Blade  ♦  The Wonders of Craglorn  ♦  Tishi's Research Notes  ♦  To Zelguma the Strong  ♦  Tome of the Anka-Ra Guardians  ♦  Torn Page  ♦  Tracking the Arena  ♦  Tracking the Butcher  ♦  Treasure Hunter's Journal  ♦  Treasure Hunter's Note  ♦  Trumbull's Note  ♦  Virmaril's Journal  ♦  Vosh and Rakh: A History  ♦  Wamasu Observations  ♦  Watcher Shavmar's Journal  ♦  Waterlogged Journal  ♦  Waylaid Traveler's Journal  ♦  We Who Are About To Die  ♦  Worn and Torn Page  ♦  Yamanu-ko's Letter to Her Apprentice


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