Ichi The Killer NB PvP

Whats up, My name is alloutofbblgum, and this is my PvP build for my v16 Nightblade. I've been StamBlade and MageBlade, now I'm back to Stam. On top of basic build info this will include my race, other races based on passives, flex points for different play types, and champion points.

Race: My race is Khajit, honestly we all know they were made to play a Stamblade. Extra weapon crit, stealthy, health and stamina recovery. Other good options are Redgaurd for all the stam passives, Imperial for survivability, and Orc for more melee damage, max health and stam, and more speed. I'd say if I were to pick a second choice for me I'd go Orc.

Attribute Points: All Points in stamina, because if you need more health just use glyphs as you see fit.

Mundus Stone: Serpent (Stamina Recovery)

If you are low on Champions points (under 200) swap the shoulder for a Blood Spawn shoulder to get the stamina recovery

  • Head- Night Mothers (Infused, Stamina)
  • Chest- Hundings (Infused, Stamina)
  • Legs- Hundings (Infused, Stamina)
  • Arms- Hundings (Divines, Stamina)
  • Shoulder- Night Mothers (Divines, Stamina)
  • Feet- Hundings (Divines, Stamina)
  • Waist- Hundings (Divines, Stamina)
  • Neck- Agility (Healthy or Robust, )
  • Ring- Agility (Healthy or Robust, )
  • Ring- Agility (Healthy or Robust, )
  • One Hand Mace- Night Mothers (Sharpened, Unresistable)
  • One Hand Mace- Night Mothers (Sharpened, Unresistable)
  • Two Hand Maul- Night Mothers (Sharpened, Unresistable)

Ability Bar:
This is Pretty basic, Duel Wield is you main bar, 2H is buff and defensive. Buff up with Rally, Double Take, and Mark, then Cloak, Ambush, Surprise, Cloak, Surprise/light weave as needed, finish with Killers Blade or Steel Tornado. You could also swap something from your 2H bar to DW in place of Killers Blade and put Execute on your 2H for a finisher. It involves some quick bar swaps but that's something that should be worked on anyway. Flying Blade is going to be your only means of ranged combat and it hits pretty hard, It can be a starter before you Ambush in too. Double Take is a good buff for being able to stay in the fight longer before having to Cloak out, with speed and dodge chance it's a safety net. Right now I'm not running Mark because the debuff is the same as Surprise Attack from Cloak, Mark would mainly be for keeping other Nightblades visible to you. Mass Hysteria is mostly an "Oh crap!" for needing to escape from multiple targets. It debuffs damage and makes people runaway from you. If you are Surprise Attacking from Cloak then your targets will already be stunned or have immunity from it, so Hysteria won't have any affect. Remember, you aren't a tank, attack hard, Double Take, Caltrop or Fear, Cloak and move away then attack again. Right now I'm running Camouflage Hunter for more Crit chance for my heals, Vigor and Rally.

Duel Wield:
  • Surprise Attack (Spam DPS, armor debuff and stun from Cloak)
  • Killers Blade (Very strong finisher under 25% health, heals on kill) or Steel Tornado (finisher, amazing AoE)
  • Dark Cloak (Removes negative effect, boosts damage)
  • Flying Blade (Ranged high DPS, spammable, boosts damage and snares) or Relentless Focus (Boosts damage and stamina recovery, huge range DPS after 4 light or heavy attacks)
  • Ambush (Stuns, gap closer, boosts damage for following attack)
  • Flawless Dawnbreaker (Boosts base damage while slotted, low cost Vampire and Wolf destroyer) or Soul Harvest (Heal debuff, spammable, gains ultimate per kill when slotted)
Two Hand:
  • Vigor (Heals)
  • Rally (boosts damage, heals and burst heal when hit twice)
  • Caltrops (Ranged AoE, snare, removes enemies from Cloak)
  • Double Take (Boosts dodge chance, movement speed)
  • Mass Hysteria (Group stun, damage debuff) or Mark Target (Keeps enemies out of stealth for you, armor debuff)
  • Meteor (Huge damage, AoE, snare) or Soul Tether (AoE, burst heal, group stun)

Everything that boosts ANYTHING for you, damage, heals taken, ultimate gain reduced cost. Especially anything that raises max or recovery for any pool. Pay attention to whether you have to have an ability slotted or not to make sure it actually affects you.

Champion Points:
For Mage, all in the Ritual. Mostly Mighty, some Piercing, some Precise. For Thief, some in Tumbling, most in Mooncalf, some in Warlord. For Warrior, Most a big chunk in Spell Shield but watch for diminishing returns, once you start only going up .2 stop and build up other stuff like Hardy and Elemental Defender, also quick recovery isn't bad for extra heals on Vigor and Rally.

At this point you should have give or take based on race and some other stuff, around 2200-2500 recovery (without drinks) and 2700-3000 damage on your main bar. You can add more weapon damage glyphs and run drinks for equal recovery and like 350 more weapon damage. Or run food for more max and damage added based on your max stamina which boosts ability damage. Whatever works for you!

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