Honor Bound is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Honor Bound Bestowal

"The monastery of Muth Gnaar was attacked by the Vereansu, a violent tribe of Ashlanders. The peaceful monks were caring for the afflicted using an ancient relic called the Tear of Saint Veloth when the Ashlanders attacked."


Ashlander's Honor
173 Gold


  • Talk to Healer Senar
  • Find Dolril Belvayn
  • Rescue Afflicted Commoners and Monks
  • Talk to Healer Hlaren
  • Rescue Dolril Belvayn
  • Find the Tear of Saint Veloth
  • Kill Malinu
  • Recover the Tear of Saint Veloth
  • Talk to Dolril Belvayn
  • Kill Ashkhan Ginasa

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