ESO Achivements under the Holiday Events category cover completion of in-game tasks and feats for each of your characters during the special Holiday Events that happen at specific points during the year.


Jester's Festival
Midyear Mayhem
New Life Festival
Witches Festival


Name & Image Points Title Reward Dye Reward

achievement_jestersfestival_001.pngLord/Lady of Misrule

Complete the challenges set forth by Jester Ayrenn, Jester Emeric, and Jester Jorunn and be crowned <> of Misrule.
5 Lord of Misrule n/a

achievement_jestersfestival_007.pngDazzling Entertainer

Bring some color to each of the Undaunted Enclaves with an Illusion Dazzler during the Jester's Festival.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_jestersfestival_006.pngIllusive Dazzler

Use a total of 50 illusion dazzlers.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_jestersfestival_008.pngJester's Personal Chef

Acquire and learn all of the Jester's Festival provisioning recipes.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_jestersfestival_002.pngPrincess Rescuer

Rescue Jester Skald-King Jorunn's visiting princess without being spotted by the Butcher.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_jestersfestival_010.pngRoyal Jester

Complete each of the Jester's Festival achievements.
50 Royal Jester n/a

achievement_jestersfestival_005.pngSmile, in the Name of the Queen

Festoon 20 players with cherry blossoms during the Jester's Festival.
5 n/a n/a
Name & Image Points Title Reward Dye Reward

achievement_midyearevent_003.pngBlessed of the Whitestrake

Acquire your first "Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box".
5 n/a n/a

achievement_midyearevent_004.pngChosen of the Whitestrake

Acquire your 10th "Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box".
10 n/a n/a

achievement_midyearevent_002.pngEcho of Pelinal's Fury

Read a Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity during the Midyear Mayhem.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_midyearevent_005.pngHand of the Whitestrake

Acquire your 25th "Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box".
15 n/a n/a

achievement_midyearevent_001.pngMayhem Connoisseur

Receive the blessing of the Whitestrake at one of the Alliance Gates during the Midyear Mayhem.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_midyearevent_008.pngPelinaline the Bloody

Capture a Keep in Cyrodiil during the Midyear Mayhem.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_vvardenfel_052.pngPelinavant the Scourge

Win a Battleground match during the Midyear Mayhem.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_midyearevent_009.pngPelinerrif Insurgent

Capture an Imperial District during the Midyear Mayhem.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_midyearevent_010.pngStar-Made Knight

Complete each of the Midyear Mayhem achievements.
50 Star-Made Knight n/a

achievement_vvardenfel_051.pngWrath of the Whitestrake

Defeat 50 opponents during the Midyear Mayhem.
15 n/a n/a
Name & Image Points Title Reward Dye Reward

achievement_newlifefestival_005.pngFish Boon Angler

Catch five of each type of fish traditionally served during the Fish Boon Feast in Shadowfen.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_newlifefestival_006.pngFive-Clawed Cat Burglar

During the Trial of Five-Clawed Guile in Reaper's March, unlock all chests in 35 seconds or less.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_newlifefestival_12.pngGlory of Magnus

Complete each of the achievements associated with the New Life Festival.
50 Magnanimous n/a

achievement_newlifefestival_002.pngLava Foot Shuffle

Dance the Lava Foot Stomp with another player at each Stonefalls tavern.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_newlifefestival_001.pngMud Ball Miscreant

During the Mud Ball Merriment, share the joy of mud balls with each Alliance leader.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_newlifefestival_010.pngNew Life Celebrant

Complete all New Life Festival celebrations across Tamriel.
10 n/a
New Life Cerulean

achievement_newlifefestival_011.pngNew Life Provisioner

Learn all of the New Life Festival recipes.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_newlifefestival_009.pngSignal Fire Zephyr

During the Signal Fire Sprint in Bergama, light all signal fires in 35 seconds or less.
5 n/a n/a

quest_book_001.pngSkinchanger Style Master

Learn every chapter in the Skinchanger style book, occasionally found in reward containers while participating in the New Life Festival.
50 n/a n/a

achievement_newlifefestival_007.pngSnow Bare Plunge

During the Snow Bear Plunge in Eastmarch, leap into the freezing water with no armor equipped.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_newlifefestival_008.pngStonetooth Belcher

After hunting to supply the Stonetooth Bash, complement your feast by drinking some Betnikh Twice-Spiked Ale.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_newlifefestival_003.pngThe Charming Castle Duo

During the Castle Charm Challenge in Stormhaven, perform with another player in front of each crowd.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_newlifefestival_004.pngWar Orphan's Benefactor

While on the War Orphan's Sojourn in Grahtwood, donate both your time and your gold.
5 n/a n/a
Name & Image Points Title Reward Dye Reward

achievement_witchesfestival_00.pngAn Unsparing Harvest

Complete the listed achievements for the Witches Festival.
50 Sun's Dusk Reaper n/a

achievement_witchesfestival_02.pngHappy Work For Hollowjack

Collect and learn every chapter of the Hollowjack style book found during the Witches Festival.
50 n/a n/a

achievement_witchesfestival_05.pngPlunder Skull Aficionado

Earn 50 Plunder Skulls.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_witchesfestival_04.pngPlunder Skull Enthusiast

Earn your first Plunder Skull.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_witchesfestival_06.pngPlunder Skull Fanatic

Earn 100 Plunder Skulls.
15 n/a n/a

achievement_witchesfestival_07.pngPumpkin Pairs Well With Guts

Drink the Witchmother's Brew during the Witches Festival.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_witchesfestival_01.pngReaper's Harvest

Complete the Witchmother's Bargain quest.
5 n/a n/a


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