Skyshards in Hew's Bane in Elder Scrolls Online. This page shows all skyshards in the Hew's Bane region of the thieves guild DLC.

Hew's Bane Skyshards
Total Skyshards 6
Landscape: 4
Underground: 0
Dungeon: 2

1 The bank's finest treasure. - On top of the Bank of Abah's Landing (the roof). To get there you must walk through the Enchantment shop " This One Sells Glyphs" next to the bank. The exit to the roofs is on the second floor in that shop and you will see the shard on the other side.

2 Near what is now Lost. - Can be found near the stairs to the Lost Pavillion. When walking the stairs up, you will see a small opening on the right of the mountain, just after the second staircase (the small one, not the big staircase). There you can see a single small tree and in front of that tree, close to the rocks, the Skyshard. 

3 On the shoulder of the arch. - Two ways to approach this one. First: when coming from Ko Eastaran, enter the swamp and immediately follow the way to the right. You will find yourself in front of the mountain arch, pass through it and then climb the rocks on the left of it to get the shard. Second way: after Ko Estaran follow the southern road on your map. Near it's end you find a crossroad to the right upwards a hill, follow this way and after a few steps you will see the Skyshard on the right of you already, sitting on a rock on the mountain. In either way, you should see the shard from afar by just looking up, it's next to the mountain arch.

4 Overlooking the home of the Deep. - When travelling to Ko Estaran from the eastern / northern road, stop in front of the east entrance gate of the arena. Walk up the mountain range to your right from there and then immediately head to the left, you will see the Skyshard from afar on the cliff side.

5 Necromancer's passage to the rafters. - Easily missed. You must delve the Bahraha's Gloom dungeon to find this one. Walk through the dungeon until you get to the throne room ( Lich boss room). Behind the throne you will see parts of a ship, walk around it to find a passage. Follow it and you will find a small gap in the wall mid-way. Enter that gap, and all you have to do now is to follow the way. Be careful not to fall down.

6 Highest point in the Grotto. - After getting shard 3, or from Ko Estaran, follow the road on your map to it's end - the southern beach of Hew's Bane. A few steps ahead, you will find some buildings and the entrance to Shark's Teeth Grotto. Delve into this dungeon and walk through it until you find yourself on the second layer on the mountain. Head left to the bridge, you can see the Skyshard beacon already from there, when looking north. Cross the bridge, then go straight forward to follow the way up and you got yourself the last Skyshard.

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