Haunted Grounds




Spirit-Walker's Leggings
Average Leveled Gold

Haunted Grounds is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

A group of ghost hunters hired me to protect them on their current job. They've been contracted to clear out a fortress to the north that's infested with spirits. I need to keep them safe while they do whatever they do.



  • Theyo Prevette at Gnisis;
  • Lord Thanlen at Urshilaku Camp



  • Talk to Lord Thanlen.
  • (Optional) Learn more from Ashu-awa.
  • Go to Valenvaryon.
  • Help Farwen set up wards.
  • Return to Theyo.
  • Capture a spirit and interrogate it.
  • Hunt down Galgalah.
  • Choose to destroy him or save his prisoner.
  • Meet up with Theyo in Gnisis.




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