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Hakeijo is an Essence Rune used for Enchanting in The Elder Scrolls Online. Unlike other materials, it can't be obtained from Hirelings or Writs rewards. Instead, it must be found as a drop from enemies in the Imperial City Sewers, or extremely rarely through gathering. Hakeijo can be traded to other players through guild stores, mail, or trades.



Hakeijo Uses

  • Used to make Glyph of Prismatic Defense and Glyph of Prismatic Onslaught




  • Can be purchased for 5,000 Tel Var Stones in your character's faction base in the Imperial City Sewers.  This is the most reliable way to get Hakeijo runes, but will take some time, care, and mob grinding. (Requires the Imperial City DLC)
  • Treasure Scamps rarely drop Hakeijo runes (requires the Imperial City DLC)
  • Can be looted rarely from Psijic Portals (requires the Summerset DLC)
  • Can be looted rarely from Enchanting Runestones (very rare)
  • Glyph of Prismatic Defense, which requires Hakeijo to make, is one of the better end-game enchantments, because it fills out all three stats on a piece of armor, with a total stat contribution that's significantly higher than the mono-stat enchantments.  Be sure to make the enchantment with the legendary Kuta runes for the best stat contribution.
  • Hakeijo.png


    • Armor
      • Additive Potency + Hakeijo= Glyph of Prismatic Defense = Adds (x) Max Stamina, Magika, Health
    • Weapons
      • Subtractive Potency + Hakeijo= Glyph of Prismatic Onslaught = Deals (x) Magic Damage to Undead and DaedraTranslation: "Prism"





In-Game appearance

 Essence Rune.jpg


Dakeipa  ♦  Denara  ♦  Denata  ♦  Deni  ♦  Denima  ♦  Derado  ♦  Deteri  ♦  Edode  ♦  Edora  ♦  Hade  ♦  Haoko  ♦  Idode  ♦  Itade  ♦  Jaera  ♦  Jayde  ♦  Jehade  ♦  Jejora  ♦  Jejota  ♦  Jera  ♦  Jode  ♦  Jora  ♦  Kaderi  ♦  Kedeko  ♦  Kude  ♦  Kuoko  ♦  Kura  ♦  Kuta  ♦  Makderi  ♦  Makko  ♦  Makkoma  ♦  Meip  ♦  Notade  ♦  Ode  ♦  Odra  ♦  Oko  ♦  Okoma  ♦  Okori  ♦  Pode  ♦  Pojode  ♦  Pojora  ♦  Pora  ♦  Porade  ♦  Rakeipa  ♦  Rede  ♦  Rejera  ♦  Rekude  ♦  Rekura  ♦  Rekuta  ♦  Repora  ♦  Rera  ♦  Ta  ♦  Tade  ♦  Taderi


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