Guild Mage's Journal

Guild Mage's Journal
Collection Final Words

Guild Mage's Journal is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Final Words


Where to find Guild Mage's Journal

      • The Cave of Trophies



Guild Mage's Journal Content

Cyrodiil, Day 3 We've been gathering for days. I'm getting impatient to leave. Surely the enemy will spot us if we continue to delay here. We must move soon or all will be lost. Cyrodiil, Day 5 HoonDing smile on us. At last, we are going to attack! Now our enemy shall know fear and pain and sorrow! Coldharbour, Day 1 Everything's gone wrong. I am lost and writing from a small alcove in the rocky wall. Clannfear patrol the rocks below, and other, worse things roam the dark shadows that stretch in all directions. Tu'whaaca [sic] guide me. I must find better shelter! Coldharbour, Day 4 I spotted a giant wall in the distance. Somehow, the view gives me hope. I will try to make my way there tomorrow. Perhaps safety and shelter awaits me there. Coldharbour, Day 6 I see brilliant light beyond the wall now. It is still far off. Ruptga protect me, but I do not think I shall make it. The Clannfear have returned. There are Dremora with them. I think they know I am here, for they seem to be actively hunting for me. I do not want to die at their hands! Coldharbour, Day 9 I have been in this cage for days. The Dremora stuck me in here, without so much as a scrap of food or a drop of water. They haven't said a word. They barely acknowledge my existence. What do they want? Why do they continue to hold me? Wait, one of them approaches now. She's carrying a long, pointed spear. I wonder what she plans to do with —


Final Words
A Death Desired  ♦  A Fortune Behind Those Walls  ♦  A Simple Prayer  ♦  All Alone  ♦  All Our Hopes Dashed  ♦  An Egg-citing Discovery!  ♦  Another Scrawled Note  ♦  Anyone, Please  ♦  Avenge Us!  ♦  Azara's Note  ♦  Back to the Land!  ♦  Barrowton's Journal  ♦  Black Vine Ruines Book  ♦  Bonesnap Journal  ♦  Borzul's Suicide Note  ♦  Captain Fanimanwe's Journal  ♦  Capturing Ammabani's Pride  ♦  Claudie's Last Entry  ♦  Crow's Wood Traveler's Log  ♦  Endarre's Log  ♦  Faded Note  ♦  Fakimal's Letter  ♦  Felgol's Note  ♦  Final Statement of Leobert Charien  ♦  Final Words  ♦  Fisherman's Journal  ♦  Gamirth's Final Message  ♦  General Malgoth's Journal  ♦  Glonnir's Letter  ♦  Grida's Note to Dralof  ♦  Healer Heloise's Notes  ♦  Hlaki's Journal  ♦  Hubert's Notes  ♦  I Know Its Name  ♦  Journal of Elias  ♦  Kalodar's Letter  ♦  Last Will and Testament  ♦  Last Words of a Devotee  ♦  Last Words of Gordianus Fortunatus  ♦  Letter to a Scoundrel  ♦  Letter to Hanza  ♦  Letter to Imwyn  ♦  Lieutenant Jascien's Last Missive  ♦  Lost and Dusty Journal  ♦  Lucius' Note  ♦  Message in a Bottle  ♦  Might as Well Die Fighting  ♦  Mossy Note  ♦  Mustn't Forget  ♦  Nine Commands of the Eight …  ♦  No Quarantine for Us  ♦  Note to Marianas  ♦  Rest Gently  ♦  Retreat!  ♦  Risa's Journal  ♦  Ruminations by Guard Kleo  ♦  Scrap of Adubaer's Journal  ♦  Scrawled Note  ♦  Serpent Hollow Observations  ♦  Shul's Letter  ♦  Skeevers Book  ♦  Skyshard in Sight!  ♦  Slashed and Blood-Stained Note  ♦  Talvini Radus' Last Wish  ♦  The Falconer's Log  ♦  The Hoarvor Pit  ♦  The Last Will of Roland Volcy  ♦  The Little Alkosh's Log  ♦  Theyo Bezon's Natural Observations  ♦  Troll Socialization Research Notes  ♦  Vareldur's Journal  ♦  Will of Otrovor Knifeborn  ♦  Zagrugh's Journal  ♦  …ine Commands of Eight Divines


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