Group & Activity Finder is a tool in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) designed to help players find content to take part in. The most common use of the Group & Activity Finder is its Dungeon Finder section which allows for players to queue for various Group Dungeons while automatically finding other players to group with. The Group & Activity Finder also has sections for the Zone Guide which allows for easy tracking of available activities within a zone, Battlegrounds and the recently added Endeavors. Players can make use of the Group & Activity Finder as soon as they reach Level 10.


Group & Activity Finder for ESO

Dungeon Finder

The Dungeon Finder is a section of the Group & Activity Finder used for grouping with other players looking to run Group Dungeons. These types of groups are commonly known as Pick Up Groups or PUGs, distinguished from Pre-made Groups.

  • Within the interface, players can select their preferred role between Tank, Healer or Damage Dealer. This allows the tool to create balanced groups and ensures each role is filled.
  • Players can then select the Group Dungeon they wish to queue for. It is possible to queue for multiple dungeons at once and the tool will find groups accordingly. Additionally, players at level 50 will be able to select Normal or Veteran versions of the dungeon.
  • Once a full group is found, players can click Join to be teleported to the beginning of the dungeon.
  • It is also possible to use the Dungeon Finder to fill in missing spots if you've pre-established a group and are short one or two players.
  • When using the Dungeon Finder, the Dungeon and players will be scaled to Level 50 + 160 CP via Battle Leveling except when you've pre-established a group and then used the Dungeon Finder to fill in missing spots. In this case, players will be scaled to the Group Leader.
  • There is also an option to run Random Dungeons either on Normal or Veteran mode. Completing a random dungeon via the Dungeon Finder for the first time in the day will reward you with a daily bonus premium reward which includes Undaunted Exploration Supplies and XP. Any subsequent random dungeon completions on the same day will grant a regular bonus reward instead.
  • Upon completion of a dungeon, all group members are removed from the instance after a 2-minute delay and sent back to where they were before joining the group.



Newly added in the Blackwood DLC, Endeavors are a new type of activity that involves performing simple tasks, such as killing a number of creatures, crafting a number of items from a specific tradeskill, and more. There are Daily and Weekly Endeavors that the player can take on and each have an associated limit. Players can complete 3 of the 5 Daily Endeavors per day and 1 of the 3 Weekly Endeavors per week, after which they are locked out until the next reset. The Group & Activity Finder is the primary interface for keeping track of these Endeavors as well as their reset time. For more info, check out the Endeavors page.

Zone Guide

The Zone Guide section of the Group & Activity Finder is tool for keeping track of your Zone Completion for a given zone. It lists various activities you've yet to take part in, important landmarks you've yet to visit, as well as achievements you've yet to complete. The Zone Guide can also be accessed from the Map screen and lists the following:

  • Main Story Quests
  • Wayshrines
  • Delves
  • Group Delves
  • Points of Interest
  • Striking Locales
  • Set Stations
  • Mundus Stones
  • Public Dungeons
  • World Events
  • World Bosses
  • Skyshards
  • Shalidor's Library Books


The Battlegrounds section of the Group & Activity Finder allows players to queue for Battlegrounds PVP content. Within the interface, players can select Solo or Group Queueing but note that the Battlegrounds are chosen at random.


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