Skyshards in Greenshade. This page shows all skyshards in the Greenshade Region

Greenshade Skyshards
Total Skyshards 16
Landscape: 9
Underground: -
Dungeon: 7


  1. Flee the labyrinth of words and stone - South of Labyrinth Wayshrine
  2. In crumbled keep where shadow creeps - Northwest of' Labyrinth Wayshrine
  3. Breath of fresh air for Marbruk’s mages - Mages Guild in Marbruk
  4. Find an eclectic outskirt by the sea - West of Woodhearth Wayshrine
  5. Where moor becomes moat - Southeast of Woodhearth Wayshrine
  6. Stay dry where the Wooded Eye wards - South of Serpents Grotto wayshrine
  7. No longer entrenched - West of Moonhenge Wayshrine
  8. Unheeded by Wood Orc lookouts - Southwest of Falinesti Wayshrine
  9. Down in the gorge of rope bridges - Falinesti Wayshrine
  10. In Gurzag’s Supplies - Inside Gurzag's Mine (mini dungeon)
  11. Halls ruined further by blue-skin brutes - Inside Carac Dena (mini dungeon)
  12. A pretender in Naril Nagaia - In Dungeon: Naril Nagaia
  13. Under root, but hidden high - In Dungeon: The Underroot
  14. Batted around in the purring lair - Inside Harridan’s Lair (mini dungeon) in Dungeon: Harridan's Lair
  15. Mined up in a barrow - West of Moonhenge Wayshrine in Dungeon: Barrow Trench
  16. Outside the Harbinger’s chamber - South of Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine in Dungeon: Rulanyil's Fall

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