Skyshards in Grahtwood. This page shows all skyshards in the Grahtwood Region
Grahtwood Skyshards
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  1. Granted safe haven by the mages. - Outside Mages Guild in Haven
  2. The shrine of the south leads north. - North of Southpoint Wayshrine
  3. Cooling off on the way to the Tower. - By the pond, southwest of Vineshade Lodge
  4. Where the road to the root is an isle. - Southeast of Elden Root
  5. Atop falls that feed the temple. - In the lake by Elden Root Temple Wayshrine
  6. Spotted from a treehouse vantage. - North of Elden Root Temple Wayshrine
  7. A doorway to trolls near Redfur. - South of Redfur Trading Post Wayshrine
  8. Among ancient words in the stones. - On an Isle in the far west
  9. Above a seasonal site of return. - Southwest of Elden Root, follow the path from Gil-Var-Delle Wayshrine
  10. Where Covenant forces pour forth. - In Ne Salas dungeon, north of Gray Mire Wayshrine
  11. A scrabbling, a skittering, a scurrying. - In Scuttle Pit (solo dungeon) in the far east
  12. Six-legged thunder invades. - West of Elden Root, inside public dungeon Burrot Kwama Mine.
  13. Not yet dead on the vine. - In Vinedeath Cave (solo dungeon), west of Elden Root Temple Wayshrine
  14. Stolen starlight in wormy depths. - In Wormroot Depths (solo dungeon, northwest of Redfur Trading Post Wayshrine)
  15. Mined by the bandits of Mobar. - In Mobar Mine (solo dungeon), south of Elden Root
  16. Crocs claimed a meal in the sunder. - In Root Sunder Ruins, northwest of Haven

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    • Anonymous

      15 Jun 2018 17:09  

      Some tips just so your not looking around the whole time.
      2: Between two boulders and a tree
      5: it’s not in the lake, it’s on land near the top of the waterfall, go there is a path up from the right(east) side of the lake
      6: under the tree bridge just south of the split in the road
      7: almost straight south of the Wayshrine, short drop onto wooden platform where it sits
      8: upper right of the large isle inside a crooked ruin
      10: Bottom middle room of map, on the outlier towards the north. Left before the boss.
      12: largest room, right behind boss
      13: third room( bottom right, south east) can’t miss it
      14: first large room(south west, bottom left) in the corner(to your right upon entering
      15: main room in the center, up on top of the wood planks.(you can see the outline on the map)
      16: first room to the west(to lefts from the door) can’t miss it, it’s on
      Your right.

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