Achievement Points Rewards

Summerset Skyshard HunterSummerset Skyshard Hunter

Discover all 18 Skyshards in Summerset.

  1. Overlooking the Oleander Coast Winery. - Outside the gates of Alinor, the first city you visit.
  2. Among a Nest of Stone Eggs East of Cey-Tarn Keep. - Due east from Cey-Tarn Keep
  3. On a Tiny Peninsula Beneath the Cathedral of Webs. - Due West of the Cathedral of Webs
  4. Along the Beach North of Karnwasten. - North from Karnwasten
  5. At a Camp Over a Narrow Plank Walkway. - Go North from Gryphon Run
  6. In the Mouth of the Falls Overlooking Shimmerene. - Northwest of Shimmerene
  7. At the Ruins of The Keep of Eleven Forces. - Northern portion of the Keep of Eleven Forces
  8. Along the Sun's Path Toward Dusk. - From Dusk Keep, cross the water
  9. South of Russafeld, Where the Mossy Archer's Aim Flies True. - Due Southeast from the Russafeld Heights Wayshrine
  10. Under Sea Keep's Towering Fortifications. - Dungeon: Karnwasten
  11. High Above the Heart of Sunhold. - Dungeon: Sunhold
  12. Stuffed in a Barrel by Goblins in King Haven's Pass. - Dungeon: King Haven's Pass
  13. Overlooking a Sun Kissed Path in Eton Nir Grotto. - Dungeon: Eton Nir Grotto
  14. At the Mouth of the Falls in Archon's Grove. - Dungeon: Archon's Grove
  15. In the Caverns of Tor-Hame-Khard. - Dungeon: Thor-Hame-Khard
  16. Near an Angler's Favorite Fishing Spot in Wasten Coraldale. - Dungeon: Accessed by boat Wasten Coraldale.
  17. Looming Over the Center of the Traitor's Vault. - Traitor's Vault in Artaeum (separate zone)
10 -

Savior of SummersetSavior of Summerset

"Complete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Savior of Summerset."

  1. The Good of the Many
  2. Relics of Summerset
  3. Summerset Grand Adventurer
  4. Summerset Defender of Summerset
  5. Summerset Master Explorer
  6. Summerset Karnwasten Group Event
  7. Summerset Sunhold Group Event
50 Title: Savior of Summerset
Shrike Blue

Relics of SummersetRelics of Summerset

Retrieve the 20 dangerous relics stolen from the Vault of Moawita.

  1. Retrieve the Lantern of Lies
  2. Retrieve the Heart of the Indrik
  3. Retrieve the Silver-Tongued Quill
  4. Retrieve the Unraveling Wand
  5. Retrieve the Skull of Minor Cursing
  6. Retrieve the Shadowcutter Blade
  7. Retrieve the Soulkeeper's Urn
  8. Retrieve the Chest of Condemnation
  9. Retrieve the Never-Ending Scroll
  10. Retrieve the Inescapable Helm
  11. Retrieve the Sticky-Fingered Lute
  12. Retrieve the Fan of False-Face
  13. Retrieve the Pillow of Sweet Dreams
  14. Retrieve the Mirror of Fatal Premonition
  15. Retrieve the Monochrome Paintbrush
  16. Retrieve the Hourglass of Perceived Time
  17. Retrieve the Jaunt of the Jilted
  18. Retrieve the Ever-Filling Chalice
  19. Retrieve the Chestplate of Dessication
  20. Retrieve the Shattering Sword
50 Title: Finder of Lost Relics
Furniture: Fan of the False-Face

Message in a Bottle (Achievement)Message in a Bottle (Achievement)

Learn the fate of the Lost Sailor.

Complete Message in a Bottle
5 -

Summerset Master AnglerSummerset Master Angler

Catch all 12 rare fish in Summerset.

  1. Crystal Hannia
  2. Dusk Arowana
  3. Blooming Flowerhorn
  4. Lingweloce
  5. Radiant Dory
  6. Quicksilver Lingwe
  7. Great Yellowfin
  8. Anu's Travally
  9. Eton Sprat
  10. Senche Flathead
  11. Copper Oreodory
  12. Burnish Groper
5 -

Artaeum Master AnglerArtaeum Master Angler

Catch all 3 rare fish in Artaeum.

  1. Pearlescent Crayfish
  2. Abyssal Sea Pig
  3. Weaving Octopus
5 -

Wizard's DuelWizard's Duel

Win 5 PvP duels in the Colosseum of the Old Ways on Artaeum.

Win 5 duels in the Colosseum of the old Ways
5 -

Psijic Style MasterPsijic Style Master

Learn every chapter in the Psijic style book found in Summerset.

Learn all Psijic Style chapters.
50 -

Sapiarch Style MasterSapiarch Style Master

Learn every chapter in the Sapiarch style book, occasionally found as rewards for completing daily quest for the Divine Prosecution.

Learn all Sapiarch Style chapters.
50 -

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