FunKnight is a PvE DragonKnight Build for Elder Scrolls Online, designed by skykingz

My build is solely for fun and not really optimize for anything specific.

I go full heavy 7/7 with 5 seducer set on armor and 3/4 alessia bulwark set with 2h axe (dot bleed on hit) /sword+shield. i split my attribute points between health 2/3 and stamina 1/3 . chest/leg has stamina and reinforce; helm,shoulder,shoe have magic and divine; belt,hand has health and crit resis. ringx2 has spell cast reduction with magic. amulet has spell reduction with stamina.


Dragon Knight


Primary bar

Secondary bar


I mostly do this because all heavy looks so much cooler and i like to get into the action instead of standing far away and shooting.
PVE and PVP are same to me. i like magic casting because of its animation.


This is how i start off:
  • 1h/shield: degen, shield assualt, lightattack+ burning ember (dot), lightattack+ flame lash1, lightattack + flame lash2 (only if knockdown cuz free hit and heal). if no knockdown, cast volatile armor (this does dot)
  • make sure to block afterward because ppl usually do some knockback or stun and then they'll back up.
  • switch to 2h: critical rush, lightattack+burning talon. light attack + wrecking blow.
  • chase after them and hold for heavy attack to regain around 10% of max staminia.
  • if you're fightin two ppl, cast fossilize on the tank and go after the squishy. * dont cast dragon blood until below 25%

Tip: Resource management is key. Don't do do shield assault if they already stun break just switch to 2h and crit charge and heavy attack to regain stamina. blocking is key. always block and dot them.

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