Fulfilling One's Fate


Malabal Tor, Ouze, Cave of Ouze


High Leveled Gold

Fulfilling One's Fate is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

The Worm Cult invaded Ouze and captured its primary protector, Spinner Indinael.



  • Spinner Gwilon on the south road;
  • Spinner Endrith on the north road



  • Talk to Spinner Indinael.
  • Burn the spriggans' heartwood.
  • Return to Spinner Indinael.
  • Charge the Totem of Y'ffre.
  • Talk to Guardian Celonron.
  • Search for Spinner Indinael.
  • Destroy the Worm Cult's creation.
  • Leave the cave.




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