Freedom's Chains is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Freedom's Chains Bestowal

"Kerbol's Hollow is a town in Bangkorai fabled to have the power to cure any disease. Renoit Leonciele and his husband Draven seek whatever cure the village offers, though they don't know what the cost may be."



  • Talk to the Guard at the Cave
  • Find Arienne Kerbol
  • Talk to Arienne Kerbol
  • Find Draven Leonciele
  • Talk to Draven Leonciele
  • Talk to Renoit Leonciele
  • Search the Town for Clues
  • Talk to a Villager
  • Investigate the Town
  • Investigate Kerbol's Hollow
  • Confront a Villager
  • Find Helene
  • Find the Ritual Site
  • Use the Disguise at the Ritual Site
  • Wait for the Ritual to Begin
  • Rescue Draven Leonciele from Arienne Kerbol's Ritual
  • Subdue Draven Leonciele
  • Meet Kerbol at the Town Square
  • Talk to Kerbol in the Town Hall
  • Question Draven Leonciele about the Ritual
  • Talk to Renoit
  • Find the focus for Kerbol's Spell
  • Find the Source of Kerbol's Spell
  • Destroy the focus for Kerbol's Spell
  • Rescue Draven from Arienne Kerbol
  • Meet Renoit and Draven Below the Shrine

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