Fiery Grip

Soul Shred
Cast Time Instant (8s)
Range 22m range
Cost 3780 Magicka

Launch a fiery chain to grasp and pull an enemy to you, dealing 410 Flame Damage.

Also grants you Major Expedition, increasing your Movement Speed by 30% for 6 seconds.

This attack cannot be dodged or reflected

Fiery Grip is a Skill in Elder Scroll Online. This Skill is part is found in the Ardent Flame Skills Skill Line and can be unlocked by gaining experience while having a Skill from that Line on your active Skill Bar. Skills can be reset at Rededication Shrines found in the capital cities of each ESO faction, for a tidy sum of gold.



Fiery Grip Morphs

This Skill can be morphed into two different versions:

Empowering ChainsEmpowering Chains - Pulls you to the enemy instead. You gain Empower, increasing the damage of your next attack.

Extended ChainsUnrelenting Grip -If the target cannot be pulled, you are refunded the Magicka cost.



Champion Points That Affect Fiery Grip



Equipment Sets That Affect Fiery Grip



Notes & Other Useful Information

  • Damage listed in infobox is base damage of a CP 160 with zero CP spent, zero Attribute Points used and zero Skills taken at Rank IV.
  • Skill Type: Active
  • Unlocked at Ardent Flame 30



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