Family Secrets

Location Koeglin Mine, Leyawiin, Markarth, Mournhold, Stormhaven, Wayrest
Reward Bastian Hallix (House Guest)
Leveled Gold

Family Secrets is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) added with the Blackwood Chapter DLC.


Quest Information

Bastian recently learned that he was never supposed to stay with the Silvelles. He should have been taken in by his older sister Clairene, who is married to Count Auzin of Wayrest. Bastian wants to find out what happened.



  • Help Bastian find his older sister.





  1. Talk to Bastian
  2. Find Count Elmonde Auzin in Wayrest
  3. Talk to Bastian Hallix
  4. Find the Slaver Hideout
  5. Rescue Countess Clairene Auzin
  6. Escort Countess Clairene Auzin out of the Mines
  7. Listen to Bastian Hallix and Clairene Auzin
  8. Talk to Bastian Hallix


Notes & Trivia


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