Family Feud is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Clockwork City DLC.

Quest Information

Kireth and Raynor have had a quarrel, and Raynor has taken off by himself. Find him and lend him aid in his investigations





  • Talk to Kireth Vanos and agree to look after her brother
  • Find Raynor Vanos near the Insalubrious Effluvium and ask to accompany him
  • You can tell him the truth or lie, he agrees anyway
  • Escort Raynor to investigate the Vale of Tiers
  • Escort Raynor to investigate the Resonant Sphere
  • Escort Raynor to investigate the Broken Clock Tower
  • Talk to Raynor Vanos and tell him to talk things out with his sister or stand his ground
  • If you tell him to fight for himself, both him and Kireth are pleased
  • If you tell him to talk it out, they are both less pleased
  • Return to the Clockwork City's Hall of Refined Techniques and see their interaction
  • Talk to Kireth Vanos to receive your reward.




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