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Faction Neutral
Number of Quests --
Unique Achievements --
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Eyevea is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online.

Eyevea is an island which becomes accessible after completing the Mages Guild quest line (The Mad God's Bargain). It is a guild sanctuary containing all the services present in any town or city, and is also home to two special crafting sites, where you may craft items in the Eyes of Mara or Shalidor's Curse sets.

Upon completion of the related quests, the island becomes inhabited by numerous mages from virtually all corners of Tamriel. Many Adepts, Scholarsand other Guild members can be seen all over the island, socializing, relaxing and also studying and practicing magic.

All enemies, and resource nodes are Battle Leveled.

Eyevea has the following Overland Sets: Eyes of Mara,  Shalidor's Curse


eso-wrothgar-crafting-station-dlcCrafting Stations


Eyevea Quests

The player arrives in Eyevea after completing the Mages Guild quest line.


Eyevea Maps 




All Eyevea Locales & Eyevea Trivia:

Eyevea Guild Hall

  • Mages Guild Hall

Eyevea Wayshrine

  • Eyevea
  • Quality Auridon Imports

Guild Vault

  • Guild Vault and Baggery

Merchant District

  • Vaifa's House of Enchantment and Admixtures
  • Eyevea Merchants' Circle
  • The Loom and Lathe

Shalidor's Curse Crafting Site

  • Shalidor's Cursed Manufactory

Traveler Falls

  • Mara's Eye Manufactory
  • Zessura's Enchantments


Eyevea Galley

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