Exquisite Tears is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Exquisite Tears Bestowal

" A shady character named Naril Heleran contacted me at Davon's Watch. He said we could both profit if I "procured" a rare and expensive bottle of wine for him. "


Trader's Signet
93 Gold
302 Gold


  • Steal a Bottle of Tears of Amaya
  • Ask Bar Patrons about Distracting the Bartender
  • Catch a Wharf Rat to Release in the Bar
  • Release the Wharf Rat in the Fish Stink Bar
  • Find a Bottle of Alto Wine
  • Give the Wine to Valen Andrethi
  • Hectur Hates Rats
  • Hectur Hates Valen's Singing
  • Bring the Tears of Amaya to Naril Heleran

    • Anonymous

      07 Jul 2017 14:04  

      Links to Davon's Watch & Naril Heleran lead to blank pages. When I visited a couple of days ago they were working fine

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