Public Dungeons of Elsweyr in Elder Scrolls Online are covered on this page.


Elsweyr Public Dungeons Information

Abode of Ignominy

abode-of-ignominy-map-esoElsweyr Dungeons


Darkpool Mine

darkpool-mine-map-esoElsweyr Dungeons


Desert Wind Caverns

desert-wind-caverns-map-esoElsweyr Dungeons


Predator Mesa

predator-mesa-map-esoElsweyr Dungeons


The Tangle

the-tangle-map-esoElsweyr Dungeons


Tomb of the Serpents

 tomb-of-the-serpents-map-esoElsweyr Dungeons

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    • Anonymous

      27 May 2019 08:18  

      Northern Elsweyr has two public dungeons neither of which are mentioned here. These are delves, not public dungeons.

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