Elsweyr Fragments

Total Fragments  16
Landscape:  10
Underground:  --
Delve: 6

Elsweyr Fragments are a special collectible in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This page shows all Fragments in the Elsweyr region of the game, that can be collected for a special Furnishing reward. Elsweyr Fragments unlock the Mural Mender achievement. To begin, you need to get quest The Song of Kingdoms. (House of Histories in Riverhold). You will be rewarded with a mural for your own house, as well as 50 Achievement points once you complete the quest.


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All Elsweyr Fragment Locations Map

  1. Alabaster: Scar’s Edge world boss, directly to the south of the icon, very close to it.
  2. Corinthe: Inside the weeping scar, middle between weeping scar and shadow dance ruins landmarks, below a tree
  3. Dune: East of Star Haven Wayshrine, beneath a stone arch
  4. Helkarn: Walk south from the Stitches, follow the “dotted” path on the map, and then run right towards the Dragon Spot. Fragment is in the middle of four pillars.
  5. Kenarthia: South East of Rimmen Wayshrine, inside ruin of a house
  6. Meirvale: West of “The Prowl” landmark, inside a small cave
  7. Pellitine: Between “Moon Gate of Anequina” and Sunspire, inside a small temple-like structure
  8. Senchal: At Ashen Scar’s Southern side, in a tent.
  9. Tenmar: At “Two Moons at Tenmar Temple” Landmark, in the courtyard. Behind a statue of a female khajiit, to the right of the entrance of the temple building
  10. Torval: North of Talon Gulch World Boss and in a straight line with the giant bridge, that leads to the dragon spawn. Up on a ledge in a small tree stump.
  11. Riverhold: Inside “Abode of Ignominy” Delve
  12. Rimmen: Inside “Rimmen Necropolis” Public Dungeon, in the corner of the room with the lava pits
  13. Verkarth: Inside the “Predator Mesa” Delve, in the cave with the River Trolls
  14. Orcrest: Inside “Orcrest” Public Dungeon, top center, behind a statue
  15. Bruk’ra: Inside “The Tangle” Delve, central room (with the water), down under the outcrop
  16. Anequina: inside of “Tomb of Serpents” Delve (Found during Intro Quest)



Elsweyr Fragments Reward

Collect all mural and complete the relevant quests will give you the Mural Mender achievement. As well as Replica Rithana-di-Renada furnishing.


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      I found 16 and 11 but when I went to put then in they were not in my inventory I went back to the site and they are not there anymore

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        I am not glad. I cannot find two: Riverhold and Brukr. But I find them when I try two another caracthers. Now I have 13 in my inventory, and they are heavy. What shall I do?

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          really wish they were labeled somewhere on the thingim missing 3 and i cant be bothered going through each location trying to figure out which ones im missing

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