Echoes of a Fallen House




Nirith's Bulwark of the Defiler
Dreamer's Chime
Average Leveled Gold

Echoes of a Fallen House is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

Tythis Nirith has come to the Forgotten Wastes searching for his sister, Nevena. It seems she has fallen under the sway of some artifact. I've volunteered to help Tythis find her. [if accepted from Tythis Nirith]


A relic hunter told me of a young Dunmer who fled Vivec City after committing murder. Her brother has gone north to search for her in the Forgotten Wastes. No one has seen either of them since. [if accepted from Trilam Rindo]



  • Tythis Nirith in the Forgotten Wastes;
  • Trilam Rindo in Vivec City



  • Use the scattered clues to locate Nevena.
  • Solve the puzzle.
  • Defeat Wakener Maras.
  • Return to Tythis.




  • To solve the bell puzzle, you must spell the word "DREAMS" out of the Daedric tiles. From left to right, the letters are as follows: D-R-A-E-S-M.


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    • Anonymous

      I think I misread the trivia since it took me a couple tries. I really do appreciate it because even though there were several people there, I think only one even had the quest.

      • Anonymous

        its written in daedric, so what letters are the english translation of draems, or dreams? alos, theres a typo somewhere in the description on this

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