All Elder Scroll Online (ESO) Bundles, Collections, DLC information are covered on this page, and more! If you want to know what each bundle, collector's edition and pre-orders include, read on.


Elder Scroll Online All Bundles

There are three types of content that make up Elder Scrolls Online: the base game, expansions called Chapters, and DLC:

  • Elder Scrolls Online: The base game, previously branded as Tamriel Unlimited, is required to experience the below content. It is buy-to-play, meaning that once you have purchased it you have full access to the base game without any further payment or subscriptions required.
  • DLCs are small - medium-sized pieces of content divided into three categories: Zone DLC adds a location and questing, Dungeon DLC adds challenging endgame dungeons, and Chapter DLC adds a new region and significant content.
  • Chapters are expansions that are larger than normal DLCs. Chapters are buy-to-play and not included in ESO Plus until the following year, when it gets rebranded as a DLC and the next Chapter is released. There have been four Chapters so far: Morrowind and Summerset are now part of ESO Plus, while Elsweyr and Greymoor are the current separate purchase.

Important information for console players: All DLCs, including Morrowind, are bound to one single account they were purchased on, and do not come included in the "Gold Edition" or "Morrowind Edition" disc copies of the game. If you buy a physical copy, you will get a code for the DLC content that will not be available to other accounts on your same console unless they buy the content too.




What is ESO Plus

ESO Plus is a premium membership system that started with the release of the Tamriel Unlimited payment model, for the same price as the old subscription: $14.99/€12.99/£8.99/¥1,944 per month.

The following are included in an ESO Plus membership:

  • A stipend of 1650 Crowns per month (was 1500 before Nov 13, 2018), given at the start of the subscription period.
  • Access to all DLC game packs for the duration of your membership. This does not include Chapters like Elsweyr.
  • A 10% bonus to XP, gold, crafting research and crafting inspiration earned.
  • As of Update 10, an account-wide Craft Bag to hold unlimited crafting materials.
  • As of Update 11, the ability to dye costumes and hats at a dye station.
  • As of Update 13, the ability to place twice as many objects in player houses.
  • As of Update 14, double bank space.
  • As of Update 16, double Transmute Crystal capacity.
  • Access to occasional subscriber-only sales, items for sale, and free collectibles in the Crown Store.
  • Occasional promotional rewards, such as free Crown Crates or card packs for The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


All Collectors Editions





The bundle contains the same four DLC game packs: Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood.


Includes the Dark Brotherhood DLC, the Highland Wolf mount, Sylvan Nixad pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.




Imperial City DLC

Adds the Imperial CityWhite-Gold Tower, and Imperial City Prison

Average Cost: Free (2,500 eso-crowns before September 5, 2019)


Orsinium DLC

Adds Wrothgar, and Maelstrom Arena

Average Cost: 3,000 eso-crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Thieves Guild DLC

Adds Hew's Bane, and Maw of Lorkhaj

Average Cost: 2,000 eso-crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Dark Brotherhood DLC

Adds Gold Coast

Average Cost: 2,000 eso-crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Shadows of the Hist DLC

Adds Cradle of Shadows and Ruins of Mazzatun

Average Cost: 1,500 eso-crowns (Free with Eso Plus)



Adds Vvardenfell and Halls of Fabrication

Average Cost: 40 USD - 3,500 eso-crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Horns of the Reach DLC

Adds Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold

Average Cost: 1,500 eso-crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Clockwork City DLC

Adds Clockwork City and Asylum Sanctorium

Average Cost: 2000 eso-crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Dragon Bones DLC

Adds Scalecaller Peak & Fang Lair

Average Cost: 1,500 eso-crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Summerset Chapter

Adds SummersetArtaeum, and Cloudrest

Average Cost: 30 USD - 3,500 eso-crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Wolfhunter DLC

Adds  Moon Hunter Keep and March of Sacrifices

Average Cost: 1500 eso-crowns  (Free with Eso Plus)


Murkmire DLC

Adds Murkmire and Blackrose Prison

Average Cost: 3,000 eso-crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Wrathstone DLC

Adds Frostvault and Depths of Malatar

Average Cost: 1,500 (Free with Eso Plus)


Chapter III: Elsweyr

Adds Elsweyr

Average Cost: 40 USD


Scalebreaker DLC

Adds Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok

Average Cost: 1,500Crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Dragonhold DLC

Adds Pellitine

Average Cost: 1,500Crowns (Free with Eso Plus)


Harrowstorm DLC

Adds Unhallowed Grave and Icereach

Average Cost: 20 USD (Free with Eso Plus)


Greymoor Expansion

Adds Western Skyrim

Average Cost: 59.9 USD or 49.99 USD for upgrade











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