Dov-Rha Sabatons is one of the Mythic Items in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Mythic Items in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) are special unique Equipment added with the Greymoor Expansion. These items can only be obtained by completing Antiquity hunts, using your Scrying Skills and Excavation Skills. Mythic items are very powerful, resulting in a "one piece Set" effect, but players may only equip one mythic item at a time.

Bound on equip 

Dov-Rha Sabatons
set line

LEVEL 50  champion CHAMPION 160

(1 item) While Sprinting gain a stack of Draconic Scales every 0.5 seconds, granting you 660 armor, up to 20 stacks max. Upon stopping you deal 124 Physical damage per stack in an 8 meter shockwave, gain a damage shield equal to damage dealt, and retain Draconic Scales for 10 seconds but cannot gain new stacks. At 20 stacks, this damage will also stun for 3 seconds. The damage scales off the higher of your Physical or Spell Resistance.




Dov-Rha Sabatons Information


How to Get Dov-Rha Sabatons

Every Mythic Item consists of 5 pieces, each requiring a Master difficulty Lead to find. You need to be at least level 7 in Scrying and have the Antiquarian Insight IV passive in order to scry these Master difficulty leads. The dig site for the fragment is usually found in the same zone as where the Lead drops.

See our Antiquity Leads page for more information about all the mythic items and antiquity leads.

Dov-rha Sabaton Guard Grahtwood Lair of Maarselok dungeon, last boss
Dov-rha Sabaton Heel Sunspire Drops from Dragons in the Sunspire Trial
Dov-rha Sabaton Lames Elsweyr Safeboxes in the Northern Elsweyr zone
Dov-rha Sabaton Poleyn Moongrave Fane Trash Monsters in the Moongrave Fane Dungeon
Dov-rha Sabaton Toe Cap Southern Elsweyr Drops from Psijic portals


Dov-Rha Sabatons Notes & Tips



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