Divine Intervention




Great Axe of the Defiler
Replica Tonal Inverter
Average Leveled Gold

Divine Intervention is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

Lord Vivec's condition continues to deteriorate as his energy drains away. Archcanon Tarvus believes that Chodala's staff holds the key to saving the Warrior-Poet. However, it also makes the Ashlander practically impervious to harm.



  • Archcanon Tarvus



  • Talk to Archcanon Tarvus in Vivec's Palace.
  • Find Barilzar at his tower.
  • Talk to Barilzar's former hirelings in Molag Mar.
  • Recover the Dwemer components from Nchuleft, Arkngthunch-Sturdumz and Galom Daeus.
  • Return to Barilzar.
  • Report to Archcanon Tarvus.
  • Meet Seryn at Kaushtarari.
  • Confront Chodala.
  • Talk to Seryn.
  • Collect Sunna'rah and return to Vivec's Palace.




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