Skyshards in Deshaan. This page shows all skyshards in the Deshaan Region

Deshaan Skyshards
Total Skyshards 16
Landscape: 9
Underground: 7
Dungeon: 7


  1. Free from quarantine. - Southwest of Quarantine Serk Wayshrine
  2. A Hlaalu victory in Narsis. - East of West Narsis Wayshrine
  3. A river view on Muth Gnarr's outskirts. - Southeast of Muth Gnarr Hills Wayshrine
  4. A twin falls in Mournhold. - Northwest of Mournhold Wayshrine
  5. Near the remnants of a House caravan. - East of Mzithumz Wayshrine
  6. Follow the river that snakes south to its source. - Southeast of Ghost Snake Vale Wayshrine
  7. Search near the cavern with three eyes. - Southwest of Silent Mire Wayshrine
  8. The right tower is Tal'Deic's left. - West of Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine
  9. Where ships dock and mushrooms Mire. - South of Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine
  10. Where the dead walk, no memories linger. - InsideForgotten Crypts (public dungeon)
  11. Lend me your ear. -Inside Knife Ear Grotto (solo dungeon)
  12. Where a lady seeks kwama before the storm. - Inside Lady Llarel's Shelter (solo dungeon)
  13. Asleep in the depths, the Dwemer awakens. - Inside Lower Bthanual (solo dungeon)
  14. Mine your step where the water drops in. - Inside The Triple Circle Mine (solo dungeon)
  15. Go from Crags to riches. - Inside Taleon's Crag (solo dungeon)
  16. Where corpses till a garden of sand. Inside Corpse Garden (solo dungeon)


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