Chance to gain 1 additional Ultimate
anytime that Ultimate is gained:

19.1% 1H
38.2% 2H

21.2% 1H
42.4% 2H

23.3% 1H 
46.6% 2H

25.4% 1H 
50.8% 2H

27.5% 1H 
55% 2H

Decisive is an Armor Trait in Elder Scrolls Online.  It can be crafted into an weapon piece at, and only at, its creation. This Trait can also be found on many various Weapon Setsand various weapon pieces through out the game.


Equipment Sets That Affect Decisive

  • Trait Type: Weapon
  • Gem Used: Citrine
  • Effect: Chance to gain 1 additional Ultimate anytime that Ultimate is gained:




Notes & Other Useful Information

  • (-Edit: Any trait can be replaced by the transmute function. A trait-change can be made at a transmute station (one is in clockwork city, and players can buy these stations to their homes) where the price is 50 transmute crystals and a weapon trait stone for the desired trait. The player must have researched the trait that they wish to have on the piece of the gear.

    Transmute crystals can be earned in different ways, the most notable way is the first daily random normal dungeon and the three available undaunted pledges. On crystal will be given as a reward for each of these tasks. The transmute crystals are shared among characters.

    The transmute station furniture can be purchased with writ vouchers, earned from master writs, from a mastercraft mediator-)

  • ???



Arcane  ♦  Bloodthirsty  ♦  Charged  ♦  Defending  ♦  Divines  ♦  Harmony  ♦  Healthy (trait)  ♦  Impenetrable  ♦  Infused  ♦  Powered  ♦  Precise  ♦  Protective  ♦  Reinforced  ♦  Robust (Trait)  ♦  Sharpened  ♦  Sturdy  ♦  Swift (Trait)  ♦  Training  ♦  Triune  ♦  Well-Fitted



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