Name & Image Points Title Reward Dye Reward

achievement_025.pngAlasan's Devastation

Defeat Alasan and restore the Ansei Ward.
5 n/a n/a

quest_book_003.pngAlik'r Desert Adventurer

Complete 42 quests in Alik'r Desert.
50 n/a n/a

achievement_025.pngAsh'abah Hero

Defeat the Withered Hand and reclaim all the Ansei Wards.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_025.pngAzura's Ally

Defeat the Omen of Counting Stars and end the obsessions plaguing Gavaudon.
5 n/a n/a

quest_book_003.pngBangkorai Adventurer

Complete 36 quests in Bangkorai.
50 n/a n/a

procs_006.pngBangkorai Garrison Liberator

Liberate the Bangkorai Garrison from the invaders.
5 n/a n/a

ability_warrior_032.pngConsecrated Ground

Put the dead to rest in Alik'r.
15 n/a
Alik'r Lapis

ability_warrior_032.pngCurse Breaker

End the blood-curse and restore order in Rivenspire.
15 n/a
Doomcrag Verdigris


Defeat the Omen of the Watchful Eye and lift the paranoia in Alcaire.
5 n/a n/a

ability_warrior_032.pngEnd of Empire

Drive the Imperial forces out of Bangkorai.
15 n/a
Evermore Gold

ability_warrior_008.pngEvermore Defender

Stop the Reachmen from attacking Evermore.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_018.pngFamed Recruiter

Recruit all three famous privateers on Stros M'Kai.
10 n/a n/a

quest_glenumbra_grad_moment_002.pngFaolchu's Bane

Defeat Faolchu the Changeling and set the city of Camlorn free.
5 n/a n/a

quest_book_003.pngGlenumbra Adventurer

Complete 53 quests in Glenumbra.
50 n/a n/a

quest_head_female_009.pngHero of House Dorell

Kill Lady Lleraya Montclair at Northpoint and set Baron Dorell's city free.
5 n/a n/a

quest_head_male_003.pngHero of House Tamrith

Kill Reezal-Jul at Camp Tamrith and save the Crestshade refugees.
5 n/a n/a

ability_warrior_007.pngHigh King Emeric's Savior

Rescue High King Emeric from the clutches of Septima Tharn.
5 n/a n/a

ability_warrior_032.pngRitual Destruction

Stop an insidious cultist plot in Glenumbra.
15 n/a
Wyrd Tree Green

quest_book_003.pngRivenspire Adventurer

Complete 42 quests in Rivenspire.
50 n/a n/a

ability_warrior_032.pngRude Awakening

End the nightmares in Stormhaven.
15 n/a
Wayrest Royal Purple

ability_warrior_008.pngSavior of Glenumbra

Stop Angof the Gravesinger's necromantic plan to conquer Glenumbra.
5 n/a n/a

crafting_storm_elemental_skybolt.pngSpirit Warden Champion

Return the Dream Shard to Pariah Abbey and restore peace to Menevia.
5 n/a n/a

quest_book_003.pngStormhaven Adventurer

Complete 60 quests in Stormhaven.
50 n/a n/a

achievement_025.pngSword of Ravenwatch

Kill Baron Wylon Montclair and destroy the Lightless Remnant at the Doomcrag to save Rivenspire.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_025.pngUwafa's Ruination

Defeat Uwafa and reclaim the Ansei Ward.
5 n/a n/a

quest_glenumbra_grad_moment_001.pngWyrd Friend

Help the Wyresses remove Angof's corruption from their sacred groves and the Wyrd Tree.
5 n/a n/a

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