The Cyroldilic Stryker was built with group support as its core.  As a Stryker, it is your goal to find a DPS to protect within a large group (6 or more) and to provide as much support as you are able. 
This is not a solo build; the fewer allies you have with you, the less effective this build will be.
Considering the expressed need for allies, sets like Ebon Armory are recommended for this build. Do not worry about dealing DPS damage; your damage focus is to sustain DOT+Elemental Drain on a few enemies, to keep your Magica full. Heal and defend, for the Emperor!
Visual Over-View: Cyrodilic Stryker
 Important Details about the Passives listed above: Ideal Race = Breton. World sub-class = Vampire; vampire passives tie well with the MaxHP focus. Ideally, you'll have finished the Undaunted and be a rank 10 in the Assault tree.


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    • Eventually I will clean this page up, if no one else beats me to it. Eventually I'll list out each skill chosen and why; for now I give you the visual representation of the skills.

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