Crown of Misrule is a Collections item obtained during the Jester's Festival in Elder Scrolls Online


"Awarded only to the most mischievous and mirthful pranksters, this kingling gold-like crown is a symbol of great status during the Jester's Festival. Complete the challenges set forth  by Jester Queen Ayrenn, Jester King Emeric and Jester King Jorunn during the Jester's Festival


Where to find Crown of Misrule

The Crown of Misrule is an Apparancehat, unlocked on your collections.

You must complete the following quests to obtain the Crown.


How to Equip the Crown of Misrule

You may use this item to apply a cosmetic hat to your character. You can only see if if you do not have hide helms on. Go to your Collections Tab and equip it from Appearances.

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