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Crafted Sets in Elder Scrolls Online will provide the player with valuable bonuses to Attributes and may have special effects, such as Ashen Grip's Fire Breath effect. Some of these Sets have variable effects that scale up with level (and possibly quality, if improved with Resins, Tanners or Tempers). Crafters must have researched the required amount of armor or weapon Traits in order to create pieces with the "Set" property of each Set. NOTE: It is not required to know the required amount of traits to WEAR the Set, only to craft it.

Every Set is made at a different location across Tamriel (and Coldharbour) and any Set Bonus can be bestowed upon any piece of gear at its creation (assuming the crafter meets the required Traits researched of course). The list below is a list of crafted Sets that can be made in ESO. Each link has a picture of a piece of gear showing the Set Bonus along with maps for each faction so that you can find the locations easily.

Set List

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