Competition and Contracts

Location Deepscorn Hollow
Reward Bastian Hallix Companion
Leveled Gold

Competition and Contracts is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) added with the Blackwood Chapter DLC.


Quest Information

I met a traveler who told me about rumors of strange happenings at a smuggler's cave called Deepscorn Hollow: missing people, sinister figures in masks, dark revels. I should look into this.



  • Investigate Deepscorn Hollow



  • Traveler



  1. Talk to Zeechis and go to Deepscorn Hollow.
  2. Talk to Bastian Hallix and untie him.
  3. Search the area for a clue and talk to Bastian again.
  4. Enter Deepscorn Hollow and explore.
  5. Locate and enter Deepscorn Cavern.
  6. Free the Sithis cultists' captives.
  7. Follow the fleeing cultist into the Abandoned Excavation.
  8. Find the Dark Elf Tenarei Vels and break the crystals to release her.
  9. Talk to Tenarei and continue to explore the hollow.
  10. Talk to the imprisoned vampire to discover the hidden door switch.
  11. Use the door switch and enter the Inner Sanctum.
  12. Enter the Hall of Sithis.
  13. Enter the Fane of Scorn and kill the Lalais, the Daughter of Sithis.
  14. Follow Quistley Silvelle into the Private Chamber.


Notes & Trivia


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