Cogs of Fate


Brass Fortress; Slag Town


Oracular Boots
Average Leveled Gold

Cogs of Fate is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Clockwork City DLC. This quest is necessary to obtain the secret achievement Fortune and Fate after completing all other quests in Clockwork City

Quest Information

Kamid has lost his mother to the prophecies of a construct, that everyone in Slag Town takes as unavoidable fate. Help him prove that is not the case





  • Speak to Kamid
  • Speak to Kamid at the Vale of Tiers
  • Find a working Animo Core
  • (Optional) Look for signs of Kamid's mother
  • (Optional) Use the Passphrase
  • Wait for Kamid to speak to prognosticator
  • Speak to Kamid
  • Meet Kamid in Brass Fortress
  • Speak to Palbatan
  • Meet Kamid at the Wrecked merchant Site
  • Defeat Gear Grinder
  • Return to kamid
  • Speak to Kamid inside Slag Town




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