Climbing the Spire is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Climbing the Spire Bestowal

" Tanval Indoril is inside the Tormented Spire working to unleash the Brother of Strife. Tanval's Vanguard holds the approach. If we don't stop Tanval, he'll unleash Sadal and destroy Stonefalls. "



  • Lower the Atronach Ward
  • Right Ward
  • Lower the Ritual Ward
  • Left Ward
  • Enter Tormented Spire
  • Find Walks-in-Ash
  • Enter the Southern Ruins
  • Lower the Southern Ruins Ward
  • Leave the Southern Ruins
  • Find the Northern Ruins
  • Enter the Northern Ruins
  • Lower the Northern Ruins Ward
  • Leave the Northern Ruins
  • Find the Pact Commanders
  • Talk to Tanval Indoril
  • Kill the Daedra and Collect Her Key
  • Use the Summoning Bowl
  • Enter the Caldera Ruins
  • Lower the Caldera Ruins Ward
  • Leave the Caldera Ruins
  • Talk to Tanval Indoril

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