Cadwell: Hello, what's this? Out for a stroll, then? Lovely day for it.

Player: You must be Cadwell.
Cadwell: Sir Cadwell, yes indeed. A pleasure! And fair Lyris! Good to see you, m'dear. How are you, then?

Player: We're trying to get inside the Prophet's enclosure. The door is sealed.
Cadwell: Oh dear, oh dear. Well, that is inconvenient, isn't it? Tell you what - I happen to know another way in! Much more of a scenic route. Rather a fun little jaunt, actually. Full of traps, and corpses, and nasty beasties filling up the bits in between.

Player: How do we go through all of that?
Cadwell: Rather cautiously, I expect. Watch your step, hold your nose, and do mind the traps. There'll like as not be a fair dose of running and skull-bashing as well.

Player: Where's the entrance?
Cadwell: Follow the river. You'll find the door to the Undercroft at the water's end. Once you're inside, stick to the light and you'll find a ladder that will take you right up to the Prophet, straightaway. Do give him my best!

Player: Thanks.
Cadwell: Best of luck. Do check in now and again, won't you?

Player: Tell me about yourself, Sir Cadwell.
Cadwell: Well, there's not much to tell, is there? It's the same old pish-tosh. Gallant knight, epic quests, rescued maidens. I came to this land when my head was quite unceremoniously separated from my body. Bad luck that, but you make the best of things.

Player: How long have you been here?.
Cadwell: Oh, quite a long time. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I were the oldest of the Soul Shriven. Of those who didn't go feral, that is. I know every tunnel and path, every nook and cranny. The others look up to me, I suppose.

Player: How do you know Lyris?
Cadwell: Ah, Lyris. Girl's mad as Sheogorath's jammies. Heart's in the right place, I suppose. Says she's got to rescue the Prophet to save us all from eternal torment. How an old blind man could do that is quite beyond me!

Player: What do you know about the Prophet?
Cadwell: An Imperial Gentleman. Apparently, he was once a powerful mage, but the years haven't been kind. Lyris says he knows of a path back to Tamriel. I rather think that if one existed, I'd have found it by now.

Player: You don't think there's a way to get home?
Cadwell: I hadn't actually given it much thought. Anything is possible, I suppose. Truth is, I've been here so long, this place feels like home. But a good uprising now and again is a pleasant diversion, so where's the harm, eh?

Player: Goodbye .

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