Breaking Fort Virak is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Breaking Fort Virak Bestowal

" The Covenant has seized Fort Virak. They're serving under the command of General Serien. The Pact's army — led by the Indorils, Holgunn, and Walks-in-Ash — has besieged the fort in an attempt to retake it. "



  • Talk to Garyn Indoril
  • Kill Soldiers and Collect Evidence
  • Collect a Putrid Eye
  • Found a Putrid Eye
  • Collect a Discolored Limb
  • Found a Discolored Limb
  • Collect a Rotting Heart
  • Found a Rotting Heart
  • Talk to Garyn Indoril
  • Enter the Ruins
  • Talk to Walks-in-Ash
  • Use a Transformation Potion
  • Pass through the Wall
  • Sneak through Ruined Corridors
  • Avoid Detection
  • You Left The Area
  • Unlock the Door
  • Talk to Walks-in-Ash

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