Bound By Love




 Star-Shell Dagger

Leveled amount of Gold

Bound By Love is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

Help a man obtain his forbidden love, or a slave find freedom.



  • Speak to Llonas Givyn



  • Speak to Llonas Givyn about his dilemma.
  • Speak to his mother, Faras Givyn about the cost to obtain Tirwin's Freedom.
  • Talk to Llonas about the cost of Tirwin's Freedom and unearth the 3 Red Star Shells with the assistance of Nexxie the Nix Hound.
  • Speak to Tirwin about Llonas' request.
  • Decide whether to Steal Tirwin's Servitude obligation from Faras' basement or search for and Turn in the 3 Red Star Shells to purchase Tirwin's contract.
  • Turn in the Shells you unearthed to Faras or give Tirwin her slave contract that you stole




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