Blackrose Prison Item Sets

Name Location Bonuses
Radial Uppercut Blackrose Prison (2 Items) Uppercut deals 50% of its damage to two enemies near your primary target.
(2 Items) Physical Penetration
Gallant Charge  Blackrose Prison (2 Items) Reduces the cost of Shield Charge by 25% and reduces the cost of your next non-Shield Charge One Hand and Shield ability by 100%.
(2 Items) Spell Resistance
(2 Items) Physical Resistance
Spectral Cloak Blackrose Prison  (2 Items) Blade Cloak grants you Major Protection for 3 seconds, reducing your damage taken by 30%.
(2 Items) Stamina Recovery
Razor Shot Blackrose Prison  (2 Items) Weapon Critical
(2 Items) Scatter Shot applies a bleed after a delay that deals 40% of your initial attack every 2 seconds for 4 seconds. The duration increases if you are further away from your target to a maximum of 12 seconds.
Wild Impulse Blackrose Prison  (2 Items) Spell Penetration
(2 Items) Reduce the cost of Impulse by 10%. Impulse places lingering elemental damage on your targets, dealing 3333 Flame, 3333Shock, and 3333 Ice Damage over 9 seconds.
Mender’s Ward  Blackrose Prison (2 Items) Magicka Recovery
(2 Items) Steadfast Ward applies Major Vitality to your target for 3 seconds, increasing the healing taken on your target by 30%.



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