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Faction Neutral
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Next Zone Any
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Unique Achievements ??
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Blackreach is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online. DESCRIPTION GOES HERE. It was added with Greymoor Expansion and is accessible to all characters of all levels and Factions.

Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns is a cavern system located in Blackreach beneath Western Skyrim.

Greymoor Caverns makes up approximately 40% of the area for Greymoor, and contains four separate caverns connected by Dwemer ruins: Dusktown Cavern, Greymoor Cavern, Lightless Hollow, and Dark Moon Grotto.

An entrance to Dusktown is found in the southern part of Western Skyrim, inside Silversnow Mine, and there are three Great Lifts which connect to the other caverns.

Two other sections of Blackreach that are part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim story but not the Greymoor chapter include Blackreach: Mzark Cavern, which can be accessed from the southwestern corner of Lightless Hollow, and an area that was be part of the Markarth DLC.

Blackreach has the following Overland SetsSpell Parasite Set


Group Boss.pngElite Spawns

  • Vampire Feeding Grounds
  • Colossus Charging Station

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Blackreach Maps

Blackreach Dungeons


Blackreach Skyshards


Blackreach Crafting Site


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Blackreach Quests



All Blackreach Locales & Blackreach Trivia:

Cities, Settlements & Farms

  • Dusktown
  • Greymoor Keep

Caves, Mines, Ruins & Crypts

  • Dark Moon Grotto
  • The Lightless Hollow

World Events

  • Dwarf's Bane Ritual Site
  • Gloomforest Ritual Site
  • Miner's Lament Ritual Site
  • Nightstone Ritual Site

World Elites, World Bosses

  • Vampire Feeding Grounds
  • Colossus Charging Station

Points of Interest

  • Dark Moon Grotto Great Lift
  • Darkrise Overlook
  • Gloomstalker Village
  • Greymoor Cavern Great Lift
  • Lightless Hollow Great Lift
  • Parasite's Cave


  • Dark Moon Grotto Wayshrine
  • Deep Overlook Wayshrine
  • Dwarven Run Wayshrine
  • Dusktown Wayshrine
  • Greymoor Keep Wayshrine
  • Grotto Falls Wayshrine
  • Lightless Hollow Wayshrine
  • Western Greymoor Wayshrine


Blackreach Galley

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