Best of the Best


North of Fort Amol


Steady-Hand's Shot Brace
Average Leveled Gold

Best of the Best is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). 

Quest Information

The Argonian Steady-Hand believes he's the best hunter in Eastmarch, better than any Nord or Dark Elf alive. He's challenged me to a hunting contest. If I can shoot a number of rabbits in one minute or catch the rabbit called Golden Jack, I win.





  • Speak with Steady-Hand north of Fort Amol along the banks of the river.
  • Shoot 9 Darkwater Rabbits in one minute.
    • Alternatively, speak with Vurila Llethan to obtain exploding arrows, and shoot a nearby rabbit when Golden Jack runs past.
  • Return to Steady-Hand for your reward.






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