Bantering with Bandits

Location Summerset, outskirts of Alinor (north-west part, near eidetic memory)


Reward: Hulkynd's Sullied Sabatons


Bantering with Bandits is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Summerset Chapter.

Quest Information

Must do The Hulkynd's Heart quest first.




  • After finishing The Hulkynd's Heart quest, go to the Oleander Coast Winery just outside the northwest gate of Alinor.



  • Speak with Manacar at the winery.
  • Check on Tableau's well being.
  • Find Manacar and tell him Tableau's fate.
  • Go to Alinor's Outlaw Refuge and speak to Ghrum.
  • Go to King's Haven Pass and chase down the Blackbirds.
  • Leave King's Haven and speak to Manacar about your findings.
  • Follow Cur to Tableau's location.
  • Speak to Tableau.




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