Ayleid Inscriptions Translated

Ayleid Inscriptions Translated
Collection Tamriel History
Author Beredalmo the Signifier

Ayleid Inscriptions Translated is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Shalidor's Library, these books are part of the subcollection Tamriel History


Where to find Ayleid Inscriptions Translated

      • Northeast of Ebonheart
      • Cath Bedraud
      • Mara's Kiss Public House, Vulkhel Guard
      • Garlas Agea



Ayleid Inscriptions Translated Content

The following inscriptions were painstakingly transcribed and interpreted over many long years. They are preserved here for all time. Av molag anyammis, av latta magicka. From fire, life; from light, magic. Barra agea ry sou karan. Wear lore as your armor. Agea haelia ne jorane emero laloria. Wisdom learned by pain is a reliable guide in dark times. (literally, Terrible wisdom never betrayed the loremasters.) Nou aldmeris mathmeldi admia aurane gandra sepredia av relleis ye brelyeis ye varlais. Our exiled Elven ancestors heard the welcoming gifts of peace in the streams and beech trees and stars. (Mathmeldi means literally from-home-driven.) Suna ye sunnabe. Bless and blessed be. Va garlas agea, gravia ye goria, lattia mallari av malatu. In the caverns of lore, ugly and obscure, shines the gold of truth. Vabria frensca, sa belle, sa baune, amaraldane aldmeris adonai. The foaming wave, so thunderous, so mighty, heralds the lordly Elves.



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